Park McArthur photograph depicting shadows of picnic table, from McArthur Park Overlook series

Gallery Assignment

Each group of 11 or 12 students will select a work of art held in the college’s collection to represent their assigned unit. for a particular unit. Each group will do research in the collection (online and in person) to find a piece that appropriately reflects the complexity of the material covered. You will need to negotiate with each other to decide on one artwork to represent the unit.

Implementing visual thinking strategies to read the image closely and critically, you will collectively compose a gallery guide for your work of art, helping connect the artwork to the unit. In that gallery guide, you will explain why this is artifact illuminates what you have learned. Make sure you use the “Practical ‘how-to’s” from How to Write About Contemporary Art.

Finally, you will write a label for an in-person and digital exhibition of all 7 works in in one of the public spaces on campus (to be installed in the summer for Fall 2022).

This assignment will be due during unit 7 in the Spring, but you should start working as a group as soon as your assigned unit ends. Those of you focusing on unit 7 should opt to get a head start, doing the preliminary work in the digital collection and scheduling time with the curator to look at specific works before the unit begins.