Unit 7 Post by Harrison Sparks

I prefer the requiem which includes the Header “Instead of a foreword”

I like how the text is spaced out to create pauses, I feel like this contributes to the dark mood of the poems and the imagery. It makes it more as if it is being said through breaths in the cold air it describes rather than the other version that seems to rhyme more clearly and has a bit more of a flow to it. This more prominent rhyming, and also less strategic spacing gives the poems more levity than they should have in my opinion. While I can agree that the rhyme schemes in this version help it flow more, and even make it sound more natural and probably more like the original in Russian, the spaced out and grim words which most often do not rhyme in the version I chose create the mood and meaning much better towards what they are portraying.

!: Reign of Terror poets really seemed to represent the mindset of the general populace

?: What works were lost as a result of persecution?

?! Baader Meinhof by Harrison Sparks

!: Baader and Gudrun seemed hypocritical. They seemed like very mean people, not as bad as the next generation RAF, but they did not seem to care for people outside their group even though they said that was their goal.

?: How many people moved from Germany due to the troubles?

Unit 6 post 1 Harrison Sparks

!: The following quote surprised me “Compared with the rest of the intellectual world, considerable more scientists in this country and probably the U.S. come from poor families.” p. 10

?: Why do the scientific and literary community need to be closer in the first place?

Of the theories, I recognized General Relativity, Quantum Theory, Evolution, and Heliocentrism.

Of the experiments, I recognized Mendel’s Genetics, Curie’s Radioactivity, Millikan’s Charge, Light Waves,

Black Girl Linguistic Play Post by Harrison Sparks

!: The performance makes a racial statement only with the title, but the actual performance is completely accessible to anyone being universal themes of sadness and support from others.

?: How would the performance have been different if either the performers were of different race or if the performance didn’t seek to make any racial statements?

Unit 5 Post 1 Harrison Sparks

“The definition of performance as that which disappears, which is continually lost in time, vanishing even as it appears, is a definition that has gathered added steam over the last 40 years. ” Schneider p. 101

!: Memory and oral history could definitely be a suitable medium of history.

?: What would those of oral history say about archiving?

“He draws a somewhat abstracted Southern belle wearing a necklace and proposes four candidates for her identity. In an accompanying image, there is simply the fact of Till’s lynching, the place, the name, and some speculation as to the woman’s complexion, as if to satisfy the curiosity that Till was slain for exercising.” Birns p. 81

!: It is not even common knowledge of the female “victim” in the Till lynching

?: Is Lemon’s work well known and was just not taught in my school?

Campus Event Commentary on MacBeth by Harrison Sparks

On Saturday, November 2nd at 8pm, I viewed the Davidson College showing of the play MacBeth. I must say I was impressed by the artwork that went into the play. The set design was ambitious with the multi leveled platforms that extended above and beyond the stage and how it even thrust out into the house. The artwork had a dark and creepy feel as though it was a dream. I liked the blending of modern and traditional clothes, which I thought was a unique idea. The fighting choreography was surprisingly good too. I must admit though that if I wasn’t already familiar with the play, the way scenes changed and how lines were delivered made it somewhat difficult to follow.

Unit 2 Assignment 3

Frankfurt defined bullshit to be intentional misrepresentation of a truth that is not saying anything false. Hypothetically a good way to reduce the amount of bullshit in contemporary discourse could be to reduce the amount of synonyms which can be used to blur the meaning or definition of a term or sentence. More realistically for bullshit to be reduced, professionals who speak or write on the behalf of someone else should not be allowed as they are skilled in bullshitting and the words should come directly from whoever they are spoken for. For example, if politicians were required to make all speeches themselves.

In the allegory of the cave, is the specific original meaning or intention known? Is it saying that our reality is false or that we should not go off only what is told to us by others and that we should experience it ourselves? I ask this question because it seems like a good discussion especially on the second part. I think it is important in life to clarify what is actually known, not in the sense about reality being real but in the sense of descriptions of how places or systems work or how certain things are like in science and the news.