Richter -4/20/20-Robert Sparks

In an interview Richter stated that he detested gruesome from page magazine covers but he nonetheless looked at them. In his art you can see this desire to evoke curiosity from the viewer rather than the aggressive voyeurism given to images of violence. When Meinhoff hung herself in Stuttgart the scene of her dead body on the floor would be troubling for anyone to see. Through Richter’s painting of the image at varying levels of clarity and different angles he abstracts suicide. In this abstraction the image of Meinhoff is looked at with curiosity rather than just a dead body.

Vietnam and Germany-Robert Sparks

! The word unconstitutional can only be understood as ironic because not only was the warmongering and militarization increasing but nations were making deals to silence Vietnam war protesters.

? What would a “Vietnam war in Germany” entail

Human dignity is violable- Robert Sparks

!it is impossible to make a good constitution because whenever the constitution stands in the way of policy it can just be bent to incorporate contradictory policy.

? is it possible to make a constitution that can not be torn apart at a governments will but not become outdated as societies move forward

Hitler Within You- Robert Sparks

! The responsibility of the younger generation is not to shoulder the crimes of the past but to not forget and bring those responsible to justice.

? What makes a population care enough to correct the wrongs of past generations and actively make change rather than focusing on the highlights of an era like in Russia or ignoring it entirely like America.

Requiem Translations

I found the Anderson translation to be more grand in its account than the Thomas translation which is why I prefer it. Anderson’s translation personally felt like the Sophia Petrovna novel in the way it was able to capture the feelings, struggles and shared experiences of the masses. Though the Thomas translation is not without merit personally it felt like it had a much stronger grip on the emotional feel of the terror and captured the bitter madness that trapped the soviet population. From the dirty imagery of the gulag to the lines of hopeless women in the street hoping for the slightest bit of information. Finally the reason I prefer the Anderson translation is because it captures when ones situation is so bad the body and mind become at odds and insanity is inevitable. The body keeps fighting though the mind can only hope for death of any kind but physically can not give up.

Unit 6- Robert Sparks

! In my education I have never heard of these writers nor their connection to the holocaust

” Yeats, Pound, Wyndham Lewis, nine out often of those who have dominated literary sensibility in our time—weren’t they not only politically silly,but politically wicked? Didn’t the influence of all they represent bring Auschwitz that much nearer?”

? Is this an example of literary scholars attempting to distance themselves from past scholars?

Recognized experiments: 10: measure of the world 8:genetics 7:color of light 5: radioactivity 4: conditioned reflex

Recognized theories: 8: oxygen combustion 7: plate tectonics 5:spacial relativity 4: general relativity 3:quantum theory 2: evolution 1: heliocentric

Black Girls- Robert Sparks

The performance “Black Girls” highlighted my personal bias in assuming that it would be a performance showing black women as divine figures who despite being face with societal and racial pressure never flinch. The play exposed this by fighting the stereotype of the strong/angry black woman. It show cased black women as individuals with the story and struggles of an individual not a stereotype to be martyred. This performance made me question the why is it surprising when someone different from you shares the same experiences of your childhood?

Unit 5 Post 1 : Robert Sparks

Performance as Vanishing:

!Post structuralism is difficult to implement in a structuralist community because once structuralism exists it limits understanding only to itself.

“post-structuralism favors society not defined by binary opposites”-104

? Does standardizing and organization through archival culture limit creativity

“Primitive people are without writing”-104

Ritualizing the Past:

!By a body’s existence it represents the history that led it to this moment

“Body movement serves as a history of preparation for the performance”-19

?Does monumentalizing the past make important events banal?

“Lemon seeks to ritualize the past not monumentalize it”-22

Robert Sparks event #2

Microaggressions Panel

The event consisted of a panel of students from many but not all backgrounds’ because then the panel would not have been as effective in hearing the views of the others on the panel. First the panel discussed the definition of microaggressions and how they gain power by mounting over time and by definition are unintended. Next because they are unintended that highlights the problem within society that makes other individuals feel as though it is okay to make comments on someone in regards to their accent, skin color, athletic ability etc. In some cases it may be seen by the perpetrator that the comment was supposed to be a compliment but whether out of ignorance or misconception they do not realize that their comment was in fact hurtful. Next the panel moved to real life experiences they have had facing microaggressions and then how they resolved or if they resolved the situation and the impact it had on them. Finally the panel concluded with opening the discussion to the floor for individuals to stand and ask questions or tell their situation and ask for advice which allowed for a broader discussion from a more diverse group.