Akhmatova Post – Emily Evans

In our AT group, Skylar and Leen chose the Thomas translation, whereas Olivia and I chose the Anderson translation. I personally chose the Anderson translation because it felt natural, whereas the Thomas translation didn’t flow well. When comparing line by line, for example, Thomas said “Sons in irons and husband clay.” and Anderson said “Husband’s dead, and son’s in jail. When you pray tell God my tale.” Anderson’s word choice and rhyme scheme flows better than Thomas’s. Skylar said she liked Thomas’s work because she preferred its structure and word choice. She felt he used words with heavier connotations that had more of an impact on the reader than Anderson. Olivia said she preferred the Anderson translation because she said the translation felt organic, whereas the Thomas translation felt stiff. She said the Anderson piece eases into the rhyme scheme, which creates a sense of wholeness in her piece. Leen chose Thomas’s version because she said it seemed raw and gave the truth of the story rather than making it easier to read. She said her choice was likely influenced by her being bilingual, as it would be more important to understand the piece word-for-word rather than made-up to seem easier for English speakers. I put a ! and ? in the plenary response form.

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