Aliza Cantor C.P. Snow Assignment

(!) As time goes on, STEM and humanities are becoming more and more separate, “split into two polar groups” (Snow 3). This distinction between the two groups is Snow’s main topic throughout his paper. He emphasizes this distinction by saying “the politeness has gone, and they just make faces” (Snow 17). He says this in reference to the groups over time, noting how they used to be able to make cold smiles, and now they cannot even do that.

(?) Snow talks about how once a cultural divide is distinguished, it is hard to ever go back. He notes that, “once anything like a cultural divide gets established, all the social forces operate ti make it not less rigid, but more so” (Snow 17). Can a cultural divide be diminished? Do both populations as a whole have to be willing to work (together?) for less of a divide?

Theories I knew/recognized: Oxygen theories of combustion (Antoine Lavoisier), Plate tectonic theory (Alfred Wegener), Special Relativity (Albert Einstein), General Relativity (Albert Einstein), Evolution by Natural Selection (Charles Darwin), Heliocentrism (Copernicus)

Experiments I knew/recognized: Genetic Inheritance (Gregor Mendel), Eye Optics (Isaac Newton), Radioactivity (Marie Curie)

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