Carson Stenroos, Unit 8 Assignment 1

Shadows of the Summit Pointing West:

!: I didn’t know there were multiple summits of world leaders, especially 15 years after the war had been over.

?: Has NATO had significant roles in foreign policy since after the war?

Hitler Within You:

!: I had never thought about the generation growing up after World War 2 and also having to deal with the consequences of things that happened during the war.

?: Can someone uninvolved with the Third Reich but still supporting it be punished as helping with the Holocaust?

Human Dignity is Violable:

!: I think it is interesting that the text says democracy is the ONLY form of statehood that can ensure human dignity.

?: The profits of war never outweigh the losses, but does that mean it is never the right idea to declare war?


!: I’m surprised that columnists aren’t influenced by the editor when making their part of the paper.

?: How well have Germans been allowed to write what they want and how they want it? Has that been restricted in the past or now?

The Lost Honor of Katharina Blum:

!: I didn’t realize the power the officers had to be able to get into and go through someone’s house if they wanted.

?: How did a strict law enforcement effect the privacy of citizens at the time?

Baader-Meinhof Komplex:

!: I could not believe how much crime the RAF got away with before the main leaders were thrown in jail.

?: What would the RAF have looked like if their leaders made it back out of jail and continued on with the movement?

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