Gabby Morreale, Unit 6 assignment 2

One thing I noticed is how Snow makes the distinction between scientists and litterateurs is that scientists believe that there is “plenty in our condition which is not fate”, as he says on page 6. This means that scientists addresses that which we humans can control and litterateurs focus on that which we cannot control and trying to make sense of why we cannot control it.

On page 8, Snow says that “literature changes more slowly than science”, which I found myself disagreeing with. What does he mean when he says it “changes”? How does it change? In the words of Unit 2, does he mean that paradigms are rare in literature, and that conceptual schemes are more common? Does science have an easier time completely overthrowing foundational assumptions than literature? I think when making the claim of polarity between science and literature it is important to make specific distinctions so as to emphasize the extreme contrasts.

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