Jackson Warmack — March 30th Post — on Poems & Translations

I prefer the Thomas translation. Although it is harder to read, my group agreed it has more vivid imagery and better references to Russia and Russian culture. Most of my group preferred the Anderson translation for its accessibility. To be far, if I had only read the Thomas translation , I wouldn’t understand it very well.

Apart from the differences, my group attempted to identify “the icon” referenced in both poems. Our best two guesses were: Jesus and Stalin. However, there wasn’t enough information for us to come to an undisputed conclusion.

! on March 26th Lecture: I’m surprised Russia idealizes poets so much. Poets are hardly known in the U.S., & poems are largely seen as childish.

? on March 26th Lecture: Why do Russians hold poets in such high regard when a provocative message can be more spelled-out with prose?

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