Jackson Warmack, Unit #8, post #1. April 15th.

! (Shadow’s of the Summit Pointing West): It’s intriguing that Meinhof thought the U.S. and USSR could coexist.

? (Shadow’s of the Summit Pointing West): Is it too late for peace between the east and west?

! (Hitler Within You): An interesting preview of social rebellions vs. established societal structures.

? (Hitler Within You): At what point is revolution not worth it (and/or does that point even exist)?

! (Everybody Talks About the Weather): I’m simply struck by how far Meinhof is willing to go in leading a revolution.

? (Everybody Talks About the Weather): How important is family in the time of revolution? Is it inherently wrong for family to not be the #1 priority?

! (Women in the SDS: Acting on Their Own Behalf): It seems rather rare that a female revolutionist is advocating for suicide bombings and similar extreme measures. It’s often that we see male terrorists create extreme violence.

? (Women in the SDS: Acting on Their Own Behalf): Is there a difference between revolting for the public good and revolting for personal gain? It seems as through people revolting for the public good realize they will also reap the spoils.

! (From Protest to Resistance): I think (hope) that Meinhof is playing down the transition from peaceful resistance to violent resistance. I doubt it comes so naturally for most people — or at all.

? (From Protest to Resistance): Does violent resistance really accomplish more than other forms of protest and resistance? Many political systems have been changed without heavy bloodshed.

! (The Lost Honor of Katharina Blum): The rush to mutual protection & love seemed premature and sudden.

? (The Lost Honor of Katharina Blum): To what extent is it morally acceptable to romanticize a terrorist?

! (Baader-Meinhof Komplex): I, quite honestly, had a hard time watching this movie. The producers have come dangerously close to romanticizing a terrorist group.

? (Baader-Meinhof Komplex): Terrorism will never go away. Terrorism will always be somewhat effective. But how can we end the narrative that change can only occur through its use?

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