Mary Shandley Unit 6 Assignment 2

! : Snow himself makes his writing non-inclusive by dropping the names of people he assumes the reader has heard of – mentioning, for example, the possibility of there being “a new Kyd or a new Greene” without clarifying who the original Kyd and Greene are (Snow 4). He thereby still limits the conversation to elitist academics, even in his mission to erase stigma and open up communication, both between the two polarized groups and with the general public.

? : This argument was made in 1959. Would it still be valid today? Has any progress been made in the enhancement of interdisciplinary relationships, or are Western intellectuals just as “split between two polar groups” as they were sixty years ago? (Snow 3).

Out of the Top 10 scientific experiments, I have heard of those performed by Gregor Mendel, Isaac Newton, Marie Curie, Ivan Pavlov, and Robert Paine. A solid five out ten. Out of the Top 10 scientific theories, I have heard of six out of the ten: game theory, plate tectonics, general relativity, quantum theory, and evolution by natural selection, and heliocentrism.

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