Monday 2/17 post-River Meng

Observation from Snow’s “Two Cultures”: On page 8 of his article/lecture, Snow argues that “literature changes more slowly than science” for it “hasn’t the same automatic corrective”. This is an interesting point that I’ve thought about before and it’s nice to see someone resonate with me here. In my opinion, there is a certain object standard within science that makes it more “changable” compared to the subjective standards used in most of the non-science subjects.

Question: As science/technology advance rapidly nowadays, are the roles of traditionally non-science subjects being reduced?

Out of the top 10 revolutionary scientific theories, I recognized the Game Theory, Wegener’s Plate Tectonics, Special Relativity, General Relativity, Quantum Theory, Evolution, and Heliocentrism.

Out of the top 10 scientific experiments, I recognized Mendel’s Genetic experiment, Marie Curie’s work on radioactivity, and Ivan Pavlov’s experiment with the dog.

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