Unit 5 Post 1 Harrison Sparks

“The definition of performance as that which disappears, which is continually lost in time, vanishing even as it appears, is a definition that has gathered added steam over the last 40 years. ” Schneider p. 101

!: Memory and oral history could definitely be a suitable medium of history.

?: What would those of oral history say about archiving?

“He draws a somewhat abstracted Southern belle wearing a necklace and proposes four candidates for her identity. In an accompanying image, there is simply the fact of Till’s lynching, the place, the name, and some speculation as to the woman’s complexion, as if to satisfy the curiosity that Till was slain for exercising.” Birns p. 81

!: It is not even common knowledge of the female “victim” in the Till lynching

?: Is Lemon’s work well known and was just not taught in my school?

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