Unit 5 Post 1 – Jake Matthews


! – Performance as memory captures the essence of what happened, not the literal image of the original scene; like the translation discussion!

? – “Performance is the act of recomposing remains;” is it given new life, or is it desecrated?

“The archive is habitual to western culture” (100)

“‘Body to body transmission’ disappears, is lost, and thus is no transmission at all.” (101)

“Death appears to result in the paradoxical production of both disappearance and remains.” (104)


! – America’s ahistorical nature is paradoxical with its ultra-historical self-image!

? – Is it true that every repetition of an iteration adds meaning to the action?

“Even in our postmodern times, the Romantic or modernist, ideology of the magnum opus as the peak of a creative process that is otherwise immaterial to it, has kept its grip on the way we think about art.” (19)

“The undertow of stereotypes that play against the somberness of King’s martyrdom remains even in the wake of the wounds of history.” (21)

“These occurrences of inhumanity cannot easily be chronicled in conventional narrative leading to cathartic reparation.” (22)

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