Unit 6 2/17 Alex Weinman

  1. Snow sees an increase in scientific religious believers, specifically young scientists, post-WW2! 
    1. “There are plenty of [scientists] who are religious, and that seems to be increasingly so among the young” (Snow, 10)
  2. Why would social forms (power dynamics) actually increase in English as economic inequalities are mitigated? 
    1. “The other is our tendency to let our social forms crystallise. This tendency appears to get stronger, not weaker, the more we iron out economic inequalities.” (Snow, 17)

Theories I recognized: 

  1. Game Theory 
  2. Plate Tectonics
  3. Special Relativity 
  4. Natural Selection
  5. Heliocentrism  

Experiments I recognized: 

  1. Pavlov Dog Experiment

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