Unit 6 Assignment 2 – Jake Matthews

! – The individual condition is tragic, but that does not mean that the social condition has to be! “Each of us is alone: sometimes we escape from solitariness, through love or affection or perhaps creative moments, but those triumphs of life are pools of light we make for ourselves while the edge of the road is black: each of us dies alone.” (6)

? – Why was Dickens the author that became the cornerstone of literary analysis in the minds of scientists? “We thought that discovery, that Dickens had been transformed into the type-specimen of literary incomprehensibility, was one of the oddest results of the whole exercise.” (12)

On the theories side, I recognize the concept of Plate tectonics (Alfred Wegener and J. Tuzo Wilson), Special relativity and General relativity (Albert Einstein), Evolution by natural selection (Charles Darwin), and Heliocentrism (Copernicus).

For the experiments, I recognized Gregor Mendel’s work with genetic inheritance and fuchsias, and Ivan Pavlov’s experiments with classical conditioning on dogs drooling over food and other conditioned stimuli.

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