Unit 6 Post 2 – Sam Van Horn

“Most of our fellow human beings, for instance, are underfed and die before their time. In the crudest terms, that is the social condition” (Snow, 6).

? – Do you think C.P. Snow would value our inclusion of science in the Humanities course?

! – I feel that C.P. Snow’s writing is destructive for his readers as they are left with existential thoughts rather than a comprehensive message. Additionally, he talks a bit about ‘literary comprehensibility’ in relation to Dickens’ works, though he then talks about ‘valued writers’ and why this literary culture is held in high regard to society.

Top 10 Revolutionary Scientific Theories Recognized

  • Game Theory
  • Plate Tectonics
  • Theory of Relativity
  • Evolution of Natural Selection
  • Theory of Heliocentrism

Top 10 Science Experiments Recognized

  • Mendel and his peas
  • Marie Curie and Radioactivity
  • Pavlovian Conditioning

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