Unit 7: Assignment 1 by Gwenyth Van Doren

The translation I chose was Anderson. My group liked Anderson’s translation as well because they believed Anderson was able to convey more emotion while still keeping rhythm and cadence. Personally, I chose this translation because I was intrigued by the translation of “To Death”, specifically the line “I want you now—I can’t bear anymore.” This line was interesting to contrast against Thomas’s translation, “Life is very hard: I’m waiting for you.” While both lines reflect the author expecting Death, the choice of language in Anderson’s translation make it seem like the author will soon stop waiting and take their life into their own hands (i.e. suicide). I think these discrepancies are worth examining because I am sure they reflect the different situations of people during the Great Purge—those waiting to die versus those who contemplated killing themselves . 

!: The threat of poets with the power they hold

?: What are the political implications of poetry in Russia today? Does poetry have other implications?

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