Unit 7 Poetry Translation Post, Carson Stenroos

When discussing the two translations of Akhmatova, my AT group referenced back to unit 2’s translation panel to help decide which text we liked better. The conclusion that I feel we came to was that Anderson’s translation was more emotional and was intended to translate meaning more than acting as a direct translation. We then took Thomas’s translation as the opposite of that and saw it as more of a direct translation to show the actual words that were intended in the original text. In general we like Anderson’s translation more because we felt as though it was worded more smoothly, which made it easier to read, and it also felt more poetic than Thomas’s which was more rigid and novel-like than poetic. Anderson’s of course was also better because it rhymed more.

!: I didn’t realize that poets (or writers in general) were so restricted and not really allowed to write under the rule of Stalin’s terror.

?: Why wasn’t suicide an option taken by more poets/writers if they were being persecuted for what they were doing?

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