Unit 8 Assignment 1 – Luna Jerjees

Shadows of the Summit Pointing West

(!) She points out the motive for each country’s leader for their actions and dissects how those actions influence other countries.

(?) Why does she argue that the Soviet Union “is the country least affected or irritated by internal difficulties or disagreements with its allies”? (page 106).

New German Ghetto Show

(!) She points out that they who feel the suspicion and the wrongness of the policies need to come together and act to prevent what happened in the past from happening again.

(?) This new Germany continued to falsify information about its people. Has this new Germany really changed? Have they learned from their mistakes and are acting to prevent what happened in the past again?

Hitler Within You

(!) It is important to note that she advocates for the undoing of old political structures that allowed for the genocide, yet never calls on the wrongs of the government and rather advocates instead for the elimination of political terror towards the opposition.

(?) Does the new, younger generation hold a responsibility to hold the older generation accountable for their actions?

Human Dignity is Violable

(!) She argues that nuclear rearmament and democracy cannot coexist. If the nation is to instill a constitution based on peace and freedom, then nuclear weapons cannot enter the playing field.        

(?) “The politics of peace in the sense of a permanent state of disarmament would never again be subject to party politics or decided by a majority rule” is a bit optimistic isn’t it? It’s a perfectionist word view to expect that the constitution would be completely unbiased.

Vietnam and Germany

(!) Germany censored those opposed to the Vietnam war, yet published media that supported it.

(?) If writing was censored, who had control to do so?

Everybody Talks About the Weather

(!) We cannot forget that political actions have real human consequences.

(?) How can families, or women and children, be protected during the time of revolution or political upheaval?

Women in the SDS

(!) There must be a complete overhaul of the political and societal spheres for women to truly gain their place in society.

(?) Does political action need to have personal influences to be truly meaningful?

From Protest to Resistance

(!) “It had been documented that common decency is a shackle that is easily broken if the shackled person is being beaten up or shot at”. (page 241).

(?) Is there really a need to use violent resistance/protest? Or can violent resistance be a final resort?


(!) All publications have a certain bias, leaning towards the sentiment of the writer.

(?) How then does the reader know if the information they are given is true and authentic? Isn’t the job of a columnist to present the complete truth?

Katharina Blum

(!) The use of sensationalism and exaggeration for the sake of a good story (yellow journalism) in no way serves to clarify that “the duty of the press is to inform the public.” The press is to be an unbiased source of information, not a race to find the biggest story and destroying someone’s life in the process.

(?) Is it fair to say that there is evidence that suggests that some of our own media also uses sensationalism to create interest and “clickbait”?

Baader-Meinhof Complex

(!) As the movie progresses, the mission begins to blur and they seem more focused on devotion to the cause rather than creating progress in society. In their devotion to the cause, they drive themselves absolute mad.

(?) Was deserting her family and driving herself to madness really worth this “revolutionary” cause?

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