Aliza Cantor Campus Event 1

Typically when someone goes to the orchestra they comment on the music: the sounds they hear, the tone, or the message it conveys. When I went to the Davidson orchestra I noticed the people. I noticed the people that were playing the instruments, the people working the show, and most of all the people attending the show. I was impressed by the amount of community members that I saw in the audience. I did not think it would be a community event, but it was, and it is a reminder of what Davidson values. The college values its relationship with those who live in town, and those in town love to be apart of the college experience. I did not think the orchestra would be a place where the community would come together, but I was wrong. The community came to support the orchestra, they filled the seats, and were the first to stand for the standing ovation at the end. 

The conductor talked about their holiday show, and how it was almost sold out already. This is another example of the town of Davidson supporting Davidson College. This is an annual event that town members look forward to. I spoke with a community member who had attended the event and not only had she gone to that performance, but she had been going to campus events, like this one, since she moved to Davidson. The college is as much a part of the lives of those who live in town as the town is for the students, faculty, and staff of the college. The music played at the orchestra was beautiful and it had a message, but at this performance I noticed the community and the support that is an everyday occurrence at Davidson. 

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