Aliza Cantor Campus Event 2

The micro-aggression panel was made up of 5 Davidson students with different backgrounds on the topic. They addressed micro-aggression as a whole and just in Davidson. One analogy that stuck out to me during the panel was a mosquito bite. A single bite can be annoying but manageable, however 20 bites would cause more harm. They connected this idea of a bite to the build up of acts of micro-aggression on those affected. Over time these acts build up and the person can be affected in a larger capacity. This build up cannot be detected at the surface just like people walking by each other cannot know everything about the other. We do not know everything someone has gone through, we cannot detect the buildup of emotion or frustration on a topic. It is easy for people to forget when a topic does not affect them, however simply forgetting something inconsequential to oneself can be catastrophic to another. We cannot just stop and draw a final conclusion based solely on what we see. We cannot just think about how we are affected by what we do, because what we do does not only affect our selves, it affects everyone around us as well.

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