Aliza Cantor Campus Event 3

Prior to seeing Macbeth performed in Duke, I did not know much about it. I had never previously read it, or seen it performed elsewhere. When I first arrived I noticed the amount of students and professors sitting in the audience. I was impressed with how many came out to watch on a Sunday afternoon. I also noticed the lighting on the set, and how the stage extended into the first couple of rows of seating. Specifically with the stage, I wondered how it would work throughout the performance, if the actors would really be that close to the audience. Once the play began I was impressed with the actors use of space. Not only did they utilize the outstretching stage and the aisles in Duke, but the set had been made with a three or four trap doors, that allowed for actors to pop out at their given cues. I felt like this aspect of the set was especially thought through. Adding on to my impression of the set, I was surprised at first to see that the same was used for the entire play; however, the lighting allowed for each scene to feel unique and the fact that the same set was used actually added a constant to a sometimes difficult to understand scene. I also want to add that it was really impressive seeing fellow humesters performing in the show, it allowed for a sense of familiarity as well as reminded me that this was a campus event.

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