Aliza Cantor Campus Event 5

At Susan Rice’s talk, I was surprised at just how open she was to discussing all aspects of her life (personal and career). She did not try to hide anything, nor did she want to. Every question posed to her she answered with poise. What stuck with me most was her familial relationships. Although her job forces her to be pretty open about her political beliefs, her son does not have the same opinions or beliefs as her. When I first heard this I thought, “there is no way they get along long enough to eat dinner on holidays, let alone to talk on a regular basis.” However she quickly explained that while it is not easy, they do have a pretty good relationship, one that does not discuss/include politics. She was candid when discussing that it is not always easy but it is accomplishable. It was interesting for me to hear about a family’s relationship with politics within their household. In our society there are a few things we are taught to never discuss at the dinner table, politics being one of them. Now this was never a rule in my household, and if it had been then most nights we would have broken it, but it was interesting to hear from someone that is so publicly democratic about their relationship with their very republican son. She reminded me that what matters most is not always our beliefs or opinions, sometimes those things can take a backseat when it involves our family.

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