Aliza Cantor Campus Event 6

When I went to the stickwork reception I expected to hear the artist and someone else introduce him. That was wrong. Not only did the artist and a Davidson sculpting professor speak, but also President Quillen and a student who had helped out with the creation of the work, spoke. Each perspective was different and brought a different element to the reception. President Quillen has created a campus that values artwork, and even the people who visit just for a day can see that. The art professors here on campus create and bridge the relationships between the artist and our school, allowing us to have the pieces that we do, here on campus. It was interesting to hear from the students perspective, as it is not everyday that an undergraduate gets the opportunity to work with a world renowned artist. The artist, Patrick Dougherty, was not what I expected. I expected to see a young 40-something year old man.  I did not expect to find a man in his 70’s because from what I could see, creating the stickwork was tedious and strenuous. After listening to him speak however, I could understand why he still was creating these pieces. It is his passion. And on top of that he gets to experience many different cultures with many different people. He spoke for a short period of time, they all did, however after he spoke I saw that his perspective had been influenced by his experiences through creating his art.

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