Andrew Denny Campus Commentary – Kasich

On November 11th, I attended the talk John Kasich gave here on campus. This was an interesting event to attend given my overall uncertainty of what my political beliefs are. Growing up my parents had differing political views. This led them to tell me differing things about politics. I thought that attending a major talk from a significant political figure could be a chance to get outside of my comfort zone. While Kasich’s speech didn’t really center or discuss specific politics or policies, it was interesting nonetheless. His speech centered around the idea of conviction to a cause and standing up for injustices that you see in your everyday life. He provided specific examples of people of differing ages even little kids collecting money or contacting their representatives to create change. He stated that this is the most important action we could take within the realm of politics. What political party you identify should not be one’s focus. As someone who is very uncertain of what politic party I identify with, I resonated very strongly with his message. Just because I am unsure of where I stand, I can still have a profound impact on the politics of the country. This has led me to think of what causes at home or here at Davidson could I help fix or call attention to. In this way, while not help me figure out my political beliefs, Kasich’s speech had a much larger effect.

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