Andrew Denny – Campus Commentary

On October 23rd, I along with fellow humesters Alec, McNeil, and Thomas attended the Yong Soon Min Gallery talk at the Visual Arts Center. This talk was extremely beneficial since all 4 of had the Yong Soon Min prompt for essay 2. As I listened to Min talk a gained a greater sense of purpose and commitment about paper 2. Usually when one writes a paper is very easy to forget the person you are writing about is a human with a story to tell. Getting to Min’s story and description of her work in the flesh made the topic so real to me. Additionally, after Min finished her speech to the whole gallery, we were able to have a mini interview with her. This interviewed allowed me to ask some lingering questions I still had before I was to start writing my essay. It was also a very humbling experience to speak to an artist of that talent. She was very kind to talk to 4 random first years whom she had never met. What was striking was how profound her answers were while also remaining humble. I even was able to incorporate one of her answers into my essay.

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