Bryan Tran – Homo Narrans

While attending Professor Quillen’s lecture, Homo Narrans, I had an understanding of how storytelling in humans allows us to understand different point of views and have the ability to understand. I correlated her speech to how history is taught and that we share stories. Yet I found that sharing stories allows us to understand, yet still doesn’t change motives. In a world that we live in we find it hard to discuss what is right and wrong. Story telling may allow for others to understand, yet does not resolve issues. An example that was used was politically if there is a Trump support and a Hillary support, the Trump supporter argues for better treatment of the working class. The Hilary support may agree on the same point, yet still vote for Hillary. Storytelling in its purest form is just a way of expressing our opinions. I found the Q&A the most intriguing because it opened up the issues happening today. Uyen asked about the people that do not have the privilege to be where we were listening to Quillen, and that just saddens me that we do not have the ability to hear there story. It made me realize that we put power in stories. That stories are impactful only to the degree we put them in. A person of power may have stories that is “more impactful” than any other persons, but who defines that?

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