Campus Commentary Event #2

For this campus event, I attended the play Back the Night at the Barber Theatre. The theme of this play was to make people aware of sexual assault that occurs and how different people handle their situations in different ways. Not only was I interested in the topic covered in this play, but my good friend Thomas Baker was a stage manager in the play. The play began with one of the main characters yelling and running with her injuries from the assault. I found this to be a very interesting view on the incident because it gave the audience no build up to it. We were never told who exactly assaulted her or how, but that was an effective tactic to show how not all the details are always available. It left the audience trying to put all the pieces together instead of being told straight to their faces. Her sexual assault also brought to light her mother’s assault back in college and her best friend’s assault which also happened at college by the same frat. I thought the play was very uncomfortable in the best way possible. It kept me on edge the whole time and really grabbed my attention. Back the Night showed the presence of sexual assault on college campuses and how it needs to be addressed. If the play is ever performed again I would definitely go to it and recommend it to others to attend as well.

Back the Night performed at Davidson College. Photo by Chris Record.

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