Campus Commentary Event #3

For my final campus event, I attend one of the “Being Human” lectures. This one was titled “Being Human in the Anthropocene,” which deals with the Earth in its current geological age dominated by human influence. This lecture focused mainly on what humans have seen change in our environment and if we can do anything to change it. Right away, the speaker brought up the people of Peru and the climate change that they have seen right before their own eyes. They see the mountains as personified with white ponchos represented by the snow on the mountain tops. However, the “ponchos” have now been spotted with brown or gone all together. It was also stated that there could be many people displaced and forced to become refugees due to the land becoming uninhabitable. The conclusion was that society needs to work together as a whole to fix the damage we have been causing to the Earth, and we need to do it fast. The speaker said that if people only want to help themselves then they will never get anywhere. The world requires enormous change which requires everyone to cooperate. We need nature for us to survive, so nature needs us to take care of it. Our attention needs to turn from profit maximization to taking care of our home if we want to make any serious impact for the good of our environment.

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