Campus Commentary Gamut Dance by Skylar McVicar 2/26/2020

Watching the talented dancers of the Gamut Dance Company perform on stage was breathtaking and moving, especially after learning about political movement and activism through dance in Dr. Bory’s Unit 5. All the dances were choreographed by students except for one dance showcasing Dr. Bory’s one-of-a-kind choreographed work called “Instructions for approaching the edge.” In this piece, four girls dressed in black began by stepping in place and repeatedly counting from one to ten in different languages. Each movement was rigid and robotic like, indicating a dehumanization and lack of individual thought. Occasionally, one dancer would stray from the line but eventually conform to the movements of the group. These moves mixed with the number counting could be interpreted in several ways. I saw it as a way to say that all humans, despite different languages and cultures, are the same when stripped down to basic bodily functions. However, others could interpret it as a depiction of rigid confines and instructions in order to succeed in society today. Another thought provoking dance was of four girls with different faces taped on the back of their heads. Almost the entire dance was performed with fake faces toward the audience. Perhaps this dance could be indicating that we are all equal people on the inside and we need to look past outer appearance when assessing people.

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