Campus Commentary on Susan Rice 2/10/2020 by Skylar McVicar

This past Monday I attended Susan Rice’s gripping and relevant lecture. Besides discussing foreign policy and her time working in the White House as President Obama’s national security adviser and the United Nations ambassador, Rice focused on emphasizing the importance of family and believing in yourself. Starting with her family history and experience persevering through racial discrimination, Rice demonstrated just how real racism, ageism, and sexism are in the current social and professional environments. Because of these challenges, Rice realized that bigotry and discrimination are the result “of somebody else’s insecurity,” so one should not let him/herself be defined by another person’s opinion and stereotypes. Additionally, Rice explained her concept of tough love, a combination of “loving fiercely but not uncritically.” She exercises tough love in both her personal and professional life. Another inspiring point Rice posits is that the values that unite our country are more important and binding than the polarizing differences currently plaguing Americans. As a united people, we have overcome periods of worse turmoil like the American Civil War and the two world wars. Thus, we have the capacity to wiggle away from our current gridlock and connect Americans behind the common focus of progressing and benefiting America.

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