Campus Event #2- Jamie Aciukewicz Conversation with Anna Lydia Vega Serova

I really enjoyed talking to Ms. Anna Lydia Vega Serova, the Cuban author and artist who came to visit Davidson. Born to a Cuban father and a Russian mother, Anna Lydia brings a very interesting perspective to the table. She was born in Russia, moved to Cuba when she was 1, back to Russia at 9, and when she turned 21, she moved to Cuba permanently. She talked a lot about life in Cuba, especially the effects the United States had, and continue to have, on the island. In the United States, we often fail to think about how our actions as a country are taken in other places around the world and it was very interesting to hear the other side of that reality. Anna Lydia talked about struggling to find her identity, always too much part of the “other” group to fit in. Writing has allowed her to come into her own and now she identifies as a Cuban writer more than anything else. She also talked about what equality looks like in a Socialist country, and I was a little surprised by her take on the matter. All people in Cuba, regardless of race, class, or gender, have access to many things we do not have in the United States; free healthcare, free education, and guaranteed housing. From birth, it is a much more level playing field. However, inequality, especially with wealth, is still very prominent in Cuba. Fascinating to learn about her experiences and her view of the world.

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