Campus Event Assignment–Back to the Night–Natalie Zhu

Forgive me for writing this several days late. Honestly, I didn’t expect to see something magnificent, since I do prefer classics like Macbeth, BUT it turns out to be so good that really exceeds my expectation A LOT.

I was actually a little triggered when I was watching the show. The topic is so depressing yet so realistic. I felt so bad when I heard Cassie said that nobody will pay attention to you if you don’t show up with a scar that proves you’re a victim. And the scene of the march, during which Brandon showed up wearing a bra. I was questioning deep in my heart, that is he really supporting the march, or is he just wearing like this to gain attention and thus get rid of the responsibility and bad reputation of being the head of a frat? And the dean of student saying that an authority in the college cannot lead the march, and they can only support and help the students to organise it. Does it mean that the dean of student is avoiding their responsibility, so when things get out of control, they won’t be the person being blamed?

Aside from all these thoughts, the actors’ skills were so good. I couldn’t believe the actor who played Em can keep that PTSD state for that long, and the actor who played Brandon can stay so calm in that red bra.

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