Campus Event Assignment–Baik Art Residency–Natalie Zhu

Today I went to the VAC for the artist meeting. There were three artists from Asia: Yong Soon Min from California/Korea, Jagath Weerasinghe from Sri Lanka, and Tintin Wulia from indonesia.

They talked about the background meanings of their works and their motivation, and Jagath talked about several points that made me interested.

All of their works reflect the theme of crossing boarders. For most people, crossing boarders is a struggle and lack of belonging. For example, the division of north and south Korea divided families, leaving people on two different sides. They were struggling to identify themselves, because they were one united country, and were forced behind the border. At the same time, boarders can also mean the connection and similarities between people. Everyone has a passport, which identifies them and build connection.

Jagath said he intentionally tried to create some incompleteness in his work, because that’s his interpretation of life. Life is never complete, especially to we young people, and we are always pursuing new things, new goals. That’s also why he said he couldn’t stop creating, because life in going on and we shall not stop creating new things, or chasing new goals before our life stops, like Sisyphus.

One very interesting thing is that all human figures in Jagath’s work are male. We asked him why they are all male figures, and he said that if he drew female figures, critics would mistakenly classify him as a feminist, instead of understanding what he really wanted to convey humans. This is a very interesting fact, that female figure in art indicates a feminist viewpoint, instead of being understood as humans, or having equal meaning as male figures. This connects a lot to de Beauvoir’s passage we read in unit 1.

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