Campus Event Assignment–Macbeth–Natalie Zhu

Finally have time to write about this year’s production of Macbeth.

For me, it is not merely an experience of watching a play, but the whole process of creating it. 

I’m an apprentice in the theatre scene shop, so as the cast stared their rehearsal, we also started building the stage. The design was very creative while bold, I have to say, that it extended out of the real stage boarder into the seats down stage. The traps were also very innovative. (Actually, audience were allowed to sit on the stage to watch in an earlier version, but I don’t know why this plan didn’t pass.) I spent most of my time painting the background of the scene, which was a delicate work of painting many different layers of colours. The days of actually building the stage in DFPH were exhausting but fun. It was a process of seeing that little stage model becoming a real thing. So when I finally see the complete stage I was still very surprised and impressed—it was so SPECTACULAR. (Kaylin and Chip are really really professional.)

After wrapping up the stage building work, I became part of the tech group, and most of the time I was on the follow spot. I haven’t done such work before, so this was a brand new experience for me, and it turned out to be really fun. At first, spotting exactly on the person was hard, but later I got more and more used to this, and I could actually cooperate with the stage manager well (shout out to Turner!!!)

Macbeth is a very new yet very nice experience for me, and it really makes me make up my mind to take part in more theatre production here.

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