Campus Event Commentary 1: Macbeth

I went to the performance of Shakespeare’s Macbeth in the Duke Family Performance Hall. The play was condensed down to just 90 minutes and was performed excellently. I thought that the plot might have been hard to follow if I had not known the play already, but that is understandable with a live, shortened play. The individual acting in the play was absolutely phenomenal. The actor who played Macbeth showed great emotion in his facial expressions and his voice, and many other actors and actresses did the same. It was by far the most entertaining play I had been to in the last few years. A big contributor to that was the use of the unique stage with the trap door. There were people popping in and out from the stage, and it created a good surprise and kept the audience on its feet. The whole play was very engaging, and I would definitely recommend other people to see Macbeth in person.

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