Campus Event Commentary- Macbeth, Jake Matthews

The showing of Macbeth was a delightful experience. I have not seen many plays before, but I deeply enjoyed seeing Macbeth. The gripping tale of a man’s gradual descent and downward spiral from being the pinnacle of humanity and virtue to a deranged, treacherous murderer speaks volumes as to the nature of humanity’s lust for power and the pain of loss. It grapples with notions of fate and the tumultuous nature of the human condition in a compelling and visceral way, and its messages have stuck with me since I saw it. Every aspect of the play’s production was superb, from the set design to the excellent combat choreography, and adaptation decisions such as the persistence of the Weird Sisters throughout the play made this adaptation of Macbeth fresh even for viewers who were familiar with the story. In particular, I appreciated the extremely talented acting shown in the play which allowed me to fully acknowledge and understand the emotional and moral struggles that the characters underwent.

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