Campus Event Commentary: MacBeth

Going into the MacBeth play, I was unfamiliar with the plot and did not know what to expect.  The acting and stage management was phenomenal and I was very impressed by the acting, as they did an exemplary job portraying raw, genuine emotions.  I had difficulty following the plot during the play so I decided to do some research afterwards. I discovered that many aspects of the play were cut or shortened in order to condense it into 90 minutes.  They did an excellent job condensing the play in such a manner that captured the essence of Shakespeare’s original plot. Furthermore, I was very impressed with the stage design and the trap doors. These captivated the audience and I felt that the play was very engaging and exciting for the audience, especially during the battle scenes, which were choreographed magnificently.  Lastly, the improvisation skills of the actress who had to take over for Laura was very well done. I could not imagine memorizing the lines for a rather major part in three short days. Usually, Shakespearean plays do not excite me, but this was an exception. The students did an incredible job in their production of MacBeth and I look forward to attending more student productions throughout my next four years at Davidson.

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