Campus Event Commentary – President Quillen Moral Inhabitants Lecture, Jake Matthews

President Quillen’s moral inhabitants lecture was an insightful discussion of the importance of letting people get their stories out so that they can be heard by the general population. While there is merit in scholarly research into the struggles and wants of a person or a people group, there is no substitute for hearing stories directly from the concerned party. Only through the exchange of stories is it possible to connect to someone (and that person’s struggles) on a deep, humanized level. The ability to receive a person’s story is an important and powerful tool, as it open’s up the vast possibilities of world views and situations that one can understand and therefore be sympathetic towards. Despite the immense power and importance of storytelling, it is important to remember that stories are by their very nature products of human thought; any story told is influenced by the speaker, with details being modified (whether intentionally or otherwise) to get a certain point across.

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