Campus Event Commentary: Professor Quillen “Being Human” by Alec Stimac

Approaching people’s stories with an open-mindedness has become an obstacle in today’s society, with clickbait culture and conceived judgement overtaking real facts and truth. Hearing both sides of every story on people’s own terms is important and I agree with Professor Quillen in stating that absorbing people’s stories is not the answer to how we can find deeper human connection. I have had similar experiences with questioning my friends, peers, and mentors on certain topics – to fully hear what they think. Not only does this allow myself to understand them on a deeper level, but myself as well. Being able to see different sides of a story enhances my view of the world, giving myself a wider perspective on life while learning how to reason with others. As Professor Quillen said, “all humans tell stories to make sense of the world” and it is our job to listen. Multiple stories are possible and needed to make the world a better place: a place where we can cultivate meaningful relationships and create change in the world that makes a difference. The past is something we can’t change, but hearing about it will only ensure a full-filled future.

I found this article to be very interesting in stating other reasons why storytelling is essential in crafting a culture:

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