Campus event commentary, “Speech by Anthony Foxx”, Nikolaos Paramythiotis

Anthony Foxx, who served as secretary of transportation for Barack Obama delivered a truly unique speech when he visited Davidson earlier this semester. How can public transportation and city planning help decrease the problem of segregated neighborhoods was the main topic of the speech, an issue I had never troubled myself with. However, Mr. Foxx made it completely clear that improving public transportation is a way to improve the life conditions of individuals living in underdeveloped neighborhoods. He said that an increase in bushes, as well as the roads that in the number of roads leading to underdeveloped regions will be crucial in decreasing the level of segregation. That is because such infrastructure will increase mobility, which will strengthen the sense of community in these areas. Moreover, he touched upon the issue of how roads should be built, in order to make travelling more efficient, and allow drivers to make more miles with less gas, which is something gaining more and more importance due to the ecological problem our planet is facing. Overall, Mr. Foxx’s speech was very interesting and provided engaging ideas on how U.S. public transportation as well as transportation infrastructure could be improved.      

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