Campus Event Commentary by Louis Onoratini

What makes us humans, and how do we live with each other?

Locke and many other liberal thinkers tried to answer that question. While many still believe that their arguments are valid, Professor Quillen chose to challenge that status quo. She chose to do that by saying that not only do we need to follow the principles of every man is equal, free and has reason but; we should also see each other as storytellers. This will inevitably lead to a more ethical society, or so she argues. 

She put this argument forward by saying that people like Locke and Thomas Jefferson lived and thought in very contradictory ways. Even though Locke claimed that everyone was equal and free, he never condoned colonialism or slavery. To him, there are some stories that are not worth listening to. This leads to discrimination and to a very unethical and skewed world. However, if as a society we started to listen to the people who have been silenced for so long, we could become more human. This does not mean that the dominant people of this world need to make these stories theirs, but instead they should encourage minorities to be proud of who they are and what they care about. 

Being human is caring about people who are different from you and see them as equals and even as people that could teach you something. 

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