Campus Event: Macbeth – Thomas Baker

I had never seen Macbeth before but I had read fragments of the story in my high school English class, so I was really looking forward to seeing it. The show also had some of the best actors I had met at Davidson in the short time I had been here. While watching it though, I was a little disappointed. Not in the individual acting, which I thought was fantastic, but in the pacing of the show. I haven’t seen any other performance of Macbeth, so I have no reference as to what the normal pacing is, but I personally found the pacing very slow. Many times I caught myself falling asleep and losing track of the overall plot, only to be brought back in by an individual’s monologue or performance. But perhaps I just don’t understand what the director was trying to do or his artistic vision. I also thoroughly enjoyed the design choices for the set and costumes. I am a big fan of simple sets, props, and costumes because it allows the focus to be on the acting instead of relying on eye candy. The bare set and militaristic costumes added to the overall mood, but the subtle, neutral coloring allowed me to focus directly on the actor’s faces. I also want to add that most of the people I went with really enjoyed the play. Carson especially thought it was fantastic, and he had seen Macbeth performed a couple of different times. I was in the minority of those who didn’t like it.

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