Campus Event, Professor Quillen “Being Human”- Erica Harris

With a universal language, we often forget that everyone has different viewpoints and experiences. No one is the same, and with current events and politics people forget to listen to others. Many times we want to argue our viewpoint because we think it is right. However, listening to others might help us think differently about the person and may even bring us closer together. Listening will also help us stop absorbing other stories into our own. It is easy to make someone’s story ours by imagining how it goes; however, only the person can truly tell their own story. Professor Quillen mentioned how sometimes we cannot tell a story for others because it is not ours to tell. When looking at the past and artifacts, the only thing we can do is try to formulate a story from what we see. However, in the present some stories are not ours to tell. We might get it wrong or portray someone in a way they should not be represented, and we take that story away from them. It is hard to remember to slow down and be aware that everyone has a story to tell, but we should make the time to hear those stories and not jump to conclusions. Professor Quillen made many important points about remembering that everyone has a story to tell, and the story is worth listening to no matter who is telling it. This will help us see more humanity in people and help connect us. 

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