Campus events commentary

I found the microaggressions panel extremely interesting for many different reasons. Firstly, I was unaware of the fact that microaggressions are meant as compliments. One of the students of color told a story about a time in which someone called him articulate. Even though this was technically seen as a compliment, he said he felt it as a microaggression because the comment was based off the underlying stereotypes of people of color in the US. Another part of this panel I found intriguing was how these students experienced many microaggressions from close friends, which makes the ordeal worse because they feel like they can’t address the issue due to hurting a friend’s feelings. Even though they experienced an aggression, they value friendships, so sometimes they will let a comment go. Another aspect of microaggressions i was unaware of was exactly how common they are. When the panelists asked how many people in the room had experienced a microaggression in the last week, about ¾ people in the room raised their hands which surprised me (but I guess that’s because I don’t experience microaggressions due to my privilege). Coming from this privileged place in society, it’s hard for me to even conceptualize what a microaggression is and how it affects someone, but I feel like this panel, made up of my peers, really helped me learn about and visualize the negative effects of microaggressions.

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