Campus Events- Macbeth 11/3/19

This afternoon, I went to see the play, “Macbeth”, which featured some of the humanities community in the cast and crew. I read Macbeth in high school, but it was cool to see it being performed in real life. As someone who worked with technical theatre in high school, I payed close attention to the tiny details that can make a show even more spectacular. One of my favorite details about the show was the repetition of certain themes and the foreshadowing. As Lady Macbeth progressed deeper into madness, her costume changed from black to red, which symbolized her decent into the madness. I also enjoyed the trapdoors that were incorporated into the set, which added to the spookiness and eeriness of the show. I also thoroughly enjoyed the lighting design of the show, and especially liked how some lighting represented madness and some represented the weird sisters, etc. Macbeth is a difficult show to pull off due to the fact that it contains so many meticulous details, but I think the theatre department did a beautiful job.

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