Cold Open -The voices of many

By Lilliana Sandoval

One of my first zoom experiences that was not class related, a place to share creativity ways of relaxation and feelings towards the current situation worldwide, including isolation. The guest speaker, and founder of Free Word at Davidson, began by validating everyone’s situation as difficult and a time of grief, regardless of what home situation you have. Another related musical notations to being “the soulful self feeling a drift and somewhat shock”. It was amazing to hear several different perspectives during this time and see what art people have made as a form of relaxation and expression.

One of my favorite parts about this event was the sense of community there was at such a difficult time. The fact that so many beautiful things came out of such a time of tension. It reminds me of Tupac Shakur’s poem “The Rose that Grew from Concrete” and the famous saying the lotus which blooms through adversity. Despite the challenges we all face at this time, or the difficult times we have or will face in life, it’s not the end. There is always a silver lining, we just need to take another look and shift our perspective. It’s a chaotic time but I’ve seen more humanity in the past few weeks than I have in most of my lifetime. I’m happy to see that a byproduct of this situation is bringing together communities.

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