Commentary 1: Aimee Duran-Ruiz

Professor Quillen opened the lecture in a way that captivated the audience. As one of her students I thought the lecture would sound repetitive since I heard part of the lecture two times before. However, every time that I hear the lecture on the topic about being human, there is always something new that I am taking away from it. The “Being Human: Disciplinary Reflections” lecture had points that really stuck out to me, for example, when Professor Quillen mentioned that once the past is gone it is gone and the artifacts that are left behind are pieced together to tell a story from the past, but they can never mirror the past. This connects to the idea of reasoning because the interpretation varies on the person that listens to it. “Artifacts can sustain multiple stories from the past,” so it is okay to let events from the past gain its own narratives. If one has reason, one will accept the fact that everyone has different ways of interpreting a story. There should not be pressure to decide on what side to be on, having reason will help the different perspectives reason the different opinions.

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