Commentary 3 O.L.A.S: Aimee Duran

O.L.A.S, Organization for Latinx American Studies, hosted an event where Latinx students came up to deliver poems or present something that represented them. Some of the performances were personal to their experience or their family’s experience. The moment that stuck out to me was when one of the people that performed mentioned that every Latinx person was categorized as Mexican. Although I am Mexican myself, I would hate to be stereotyped under one ethnic group. It is not fair to say everyone that looks similar is from the same place. As worldwide citizens, we should have an open mind of where people are coming from because not all are coming from the same place. Another story that was expressed mentioned having a parent that was harsh on them. This is the reality of some children. Latinx families tend to expect a lot from their kids as they are growing up and that can cause most of the children to mature at an early age. Overall, this was an experience that I related to in personal levels and I would encourage all to attend events that teach us about different ethnicities.

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