Mary Shandley: DCSO Concert, 9/24

On September 24, I performed in the Davidson College Symphony Orchestra’s Fall Concert. I have played the violin, both solo and in ensembles, since I was five years old. In high school, orchestra took up much of my time, and I regularly performed in competitions and at events. I have always considered music to be a major part of my identity. This has changed in college. There is no competitive aspect to the DCSO, which is much better for my well-being, but that also means that I have had difficulty getting to know and bonding with my fellow players. I do not know the names of more than half of the people around me, and that has somewhat reduced the emotional intensity I feel when performing with the whole group. While I still enjoy playing, and while I connect with the music, there is something about performing with a group of people by whom you feel loved and accepted that sparks an even deeper feeling of pure joy. I have not been able to access this feeling yet in a performance, but I hope that playing in the group longer will allow me to.

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